Pay to Play on Digital X Radio:

If you want to promote you as a DJ or Artist, we will play your DJ Set with an great audience, reach up to 50.000 people listening to your DJ Set ūüĒ•
Our ratecard:

  • Mondays: 19h — 10.000 Listeners
  • Tuesdays: 22h – 10.000 Listeners
  • Wednesday: 22h¬† – 10.000 Listeners
  • Fridays: 22h¬† – 20.000 Listeners
  • Saturdays: 22h¬† – 50.000 Listeners
  • Sundays: 20h¬† – 15.000 Listeners

    Price incl. Advertising Banner for Instagram/Facebook Banner to promote and share your show on our Radiostream and your Social Media Channels. One to three hour DJ Set, its up to you!

    Request for booking could be requested on, by Phone +49(0)179-7981882 or by Insta DM @digitalxradio_ffm

    Here are our Mediadata if you are interested to promote your new track or releases on our station!

    Download Mediadata
    Anfragen zur Buchungen können unter oder per Telefon 0179-7981882 gestellt werden.