BPitch Berlin

Frankfurt, Deutschland
Februar 27, 2021 10:00 pm

Samstag, 27.02. ab 22h BPitch Berlin



01 Ryan James Ford – EQ 10MG Base (5:05)
Cybernetic assimilators enter Earth’s exosphere
02 LADA (Dasha Rush & Lars Hemmerling) – Kassi (5:17)
Dense cosmic minimalism
03 Cosmin TRG – Sourde (5:13)
Unorthodox renegade snares
04 Heidi Sabertooth – Innergaze (5:16)
Introspective laser precision
05 Henning Baer – Nightwing Microlight (5:43)
Thunderous cataclysmic vibrations
06 Setaoc Mass – Silent Tension (5:17)
Primeval ritualistic practices
07 Truncate – Basic (4:45)
Taut atmospheric pressure
08 Shlomi Aber – Terrifi ed (5:44)
Terrifi cally terrifying techno terrorism!
09 Hemka – Culture (5:04)
Dreaming of a mischievous nightdrive
10 Bertrand. – Midsummer Dream (5:14)
Beats are rough, pads are fl u
11 Adriana Lopez – Chaos Transition (5:47)
Malfunction, meltdown… mayhem

Berlin’s eminent technoterrestrial Ellen Allien brings us the fi nal edition of the mammoth We Are Not Alone
compilation series, featuring three installments comprised 11 tracks each. Each of the installments features
fresh new beats from artists who’ve either played at the infamous event series or appearing at We Are Not
Alone parties in the future.
It’s the closing chapter, so let’s buckle up for a freaky fi nale…